Client Experiences

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Lizzie is the most organized person alive! She helped me de-clutter my apartment which was no easy task. She has such a calm and kind manner it was like hanging out with a best friend all day.  Lizzie was respectful of my needs and worked in a very thoughtful and efficient manner. She actually made the clean out fun and now I can find things in my home. I feel like I moved into a larger apartment, without actually moving! I love working with Lizzie and would hire her again and again.
MarissaNew York City
When you have two small children your home can get cluttered and disorganized.  Lizzie cleared the clutter and organized while making it easy to maintain the organization with tools to de-clutter. We are forever grateful!
The B familyChicago
Lizzie, we can’t thank you enough!  Before you organized our kitchen the cabinets were a mess!  The pantry was so packed we couldn’t even see what we had in there. Our spice cabinet was a disaster making cooking a drain and my “kids cabinet” was so unorganized I couldn’t find any of the matching pieces to all the sippy cups and bottles we had.  After you thoroughly went through the cabinets and drawers our kitchen is a place we enjoy being in again. There is a sense of cleanliness now that was missing before.  The way in which you suggested we arrange the food in our pantry not only makes it easier to find what we are looking for, but truly helps us maintain a healthier lifestyle.  Thank you so much for all of your help!  You are so good at what you do!